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"She has always been open to new concepts"

"Carolyn was a coworker of mine at CTLGroup. She has always been open to new concepts, suggesting her own ideas, and willing to help succeed. Carolyn was a pleasure to work with - she has always had a smile on her face." - Jerzy Zemajtis

"One of the most useful marketing professionals I worked with in my 30 years"

"Carolyn worked for marketing in public relations while I was a principal engineer at CTLGroup. She was dynamic and enthusiastic, but more importantly, one of the most useful marketing professionals I worked with in my 30 years at CTLGroup. She knew the right media contacts and helped me get spots on NPR and other relevant media. When a levee broke in Nevada and flooded a town, Carolyn was right there on a Saturday, guiding me through the process of sharing my engineering expertise with the Associated Press and other media." - Martha VanGeem

"Carolyn provided me with clear objectives"

"Carolyn provided me with clear objectives such as measuring total audience reach with placements, tracking member engagement, and focusing my efforts on activities that support the organizational goals. Working for her, I learned how to research and recruit expertise, I observed crisis management in action, and I developed acumen for spotting issues about to hit the media" - Dr. Garrett Falcone

"Carolyn has helped me be a more effective communicator"

"Carolyn has helped me be a more effective communicator as a practicing pathologist, blogger, and member of the CAP Spokespersons Network through her expert advice and support. She provided me with valuable feedback for my Lab Week presentation at the CAP that truly helped me focus my message and create a effectual talk for the staff. She has been innovative among physician societies in leading the CAP into using social media, especially Twitter, to connect with and inform pathologists and the public. Carolyn is a real pleasure to work with and I always look forward any collaboration with her." - Dr. Mark Pool

"She is an excellent partner,"

"I have worked with Carolyn on several PR campaigns. Her unflagging enthusiasm and ability to find the "message" in any topic have helped the Journal of Prosthodontics immensely. She is an excellent partner, combining her PR expertise with the professional expertise her clients bring to the table." - Alethea Gerding

"Made a tremendous impact"

"Carolyn has made a tremendous impact on the profile of prosthodontics in the media. Thank you!" - Dr. Russell Nishimura