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Award-winning PR Professional for Dentists and Scientist Innovators, CEO Carolyn Barth is available for speaking opportunities, public speaking, podcasts. See a recent paid speaker event at the Arizona Biltmore on digital content. Listen to recent podcasts below.

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"The Best Presentation all conference. Carolyn Barth's ideas are practical PR tips you can actually take home and do."  - Matt Vazquez

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"She served as a wonderful employer as well as mentor."

"Carolyn hired me as a writer and copy editor shortly after I graduated from Northwestern University. She gave me one of my first opportunities as a journalist for which I am very grateful. Our relationship was both professional and personable, and she served as a wonderful employer as well as mentor." - Holiday D. 

"Carolyn is a master at coaching executives"

"Carolyn is a master at coaching executives to deliver presentations that resonate with an audience. She's helped executives from Chase to MasterCard hone their presentations to be a hit with the audience. Her communication style is always positive. She is a trusted professional -- delightful to work with under all circumstances and while on tight deadlines; she pays attention to the details that matter and has a positive influence on all those she works with." - Alice Muncaster"

"Carolyn's enthusiasm for her work is contagious."

"Carolyn's enthusiasm for her work is contagious. She's managed a number of high-level projects that have received great feedback from our membership. She's established a wonderful rapport with both residents and Fellow members within our organization and increased participation in the projects on which she has worked." - Lisa Johnson

"Rarely have I had the pleasure to work with someone who is as detailed-oriented as Carolyn."

"Rarely have I had the pleasure to work with someone who is as detailed-oriented as Carolyn. She ensures that the projects we collaborate on are timely, precise, and professional, among other things.

She responds promptly when there are questions, follows-up if needed, and ensures that everything is up-to-date and web-ready.

I consider it both an honor and rare privilege to work with some like Carolyn--someone with a work ethic and work standards so above and beyond what is normally called for in a job." - Kenneth Dillard

"It was a pleasure to work with such a talented professional."

"Carolyn brought marketing and communications savvy to CTLGroup. Through her connections and tireless efforts, she got our staff engineers exposure in media (TV news) and at trade conferences that helped solidify our firm's reputation as the source of knowledge experts on concrete technology and forensic engineering. I am still impressed at how she was able to interview our engineers and scientist, draw out the essential technical information, and turn it into something that our clients could easily understand and so see the value we would bring to a project. It was a pleasure to work with such a talented professional. Her positive energy and enthusiasm is infections and will be a benefit to any team she leads." - Medgar Marceau

"I would give her my highest recommendation!"

"This was my first experience working with the media, and Carolyn was an excellent coach. Before being interviewed by media outlets, she gave me the nuts and bolts of what was important and how to focus the message. It was a fantastic experience working with her, and we had a great media outcome.
She is very positive, receptive, and excellent at what she does. I would give her my highest recommendation!" - Dr. Caroline Eskow