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Urban Photoshoot


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Build a digital image bank for your company, startup, or brand. 

Total starter package, 20 photos (web/social) 2-hour shoot.   

3 slots open per day in Chicago. 

Other locations available. Explore custom options:


My Social Practice


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

MySocialPractice -$299 per month (typically $399+, and $500 set-up fee waived)  Access to thousands of pieces of social media content that's simple to customize.

For dental offices and eye doctors to promote their practices through social media.

A special deal, see if you qualify for a free photo booth.


Online Review System


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Help patients easily post reviews during their visits for $199 per month. Get more great reviews where they matter most. If bundled with MySocial Practice, just $399 per month total.


Content Solution for Attendees


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Annual 12-month membership for social media content, exclusive book for your members (positioning them as Thought Leaders), and an Amazon Bestseller guaranteed. 


"Carolyn is an incredibly positive and talented professional."

"Carolyn is an incredibly positive and talented professional. She is a joy to work with and always follows through on the projects she is managing. Carolyn never takes the easy road and doesn't leave any stone uncovered, she truly cares about the quality of work she's involved in and will always take extra steps to ensure the job is done well. I highly recommend her for her detail orientation, creativity and easy to work with demeanor!" - Dr. Erin O'Donnell-Handel

"Carolyn is clear, organized and efficient."

"Carolyn is clear, organized and efficient. She follows through on her tasks, and consistently goes beyond that which was asked. I thoroughly enjoy working with her and am frequently encouraged by her bright spirit." - Beth Anne Chmara

"Carolyn is a consummate professional."

"Carolyn is a consummate professional. I was honored to be asked to participate in the CAP Spokesperson training program and saw first hand the impact that Carolyn has within the College. The College is fortunate to have her on board." - Dr. Chad R. Rund

"I sincerely enjoyed the years that Carolyn and I worked together "

"I sincerely enjoyed the years that Carolyn and I worked together while at BAI, with Carolyn's ongoing hard work, dedication and intellectual curiousity. Even during periods of high stress and tight deadlines, Carolyn never failed to smile and remain a positive influence on those around her. I would not hesitate to recommend Carolyn for any role in which she either directly manages or closely interacts with others!" - Micheal Beird

"Made a tremendous impact on our specialty,"

"As a board certified prosthodontist in private practice, I value Ms. Barth's contributions to the American College of Prosthodontists as they have made a tremendous impact on our specialty. She has helped raise public awareness for our specialty by launching a dynamic PR program and leads with a high level of professionalism. On a personal level, she taught me how to effectively interact with journalists and how to do media (TV, videos, online/print, and all press. A PR video montage we filmed and posted became ACP Facebook’s first 1000+ organic reach with my peers. Carolyn makes PR into a science by identifying hot stories, making sure scientists are prepped and ready to ace interviews, introduces images such as getting professional portraits in an ACP lab coat for social media use, spots hot topics in the news, and teaches how to get a great soundbyte.) I highly recommend Ms. Barth for Public Relations needs if you want top-tier media outcomes that drive business results." - Dr. Whit Pharr

"Her ideas are amazing."

"As a Prosthodontist in private practice Carolyn is an invaluable resource to a world I know nothing about. Her ideas to promote health fairs, patient treatment, and my practice are amazing. She has spent countless times on the phone walking me through these different ideas to promote myself and our profession. Thank you." - Dr. George Bohle III